We learn from our actions and life experiences. We cannot always determine the results. But we can always determine our reaction to the result. Our past mistakes are building blocks for our personal experience and growth. When we fall; too many times we focus on the fall, and why we fell, and how that made us feel. When the importance should be on the significance of getting up. We adapt. We learn to change. We discover meaning in everything. A great example, and probably one of the most important circumstances is when people show their true colors. Have you ever had a friend do something completely out of character. You thought that they shared the same morals but instead your discover through expericnce they’ve had completely different intentions in life. It is not you job to figure out why or to seek change upon them. Don’t second guess yourself. Understand that not everyone is who you thought they were and move forward. You shouldn’t see yourself as a victim and seek an apology. Don’t hold a grudge. Instead you realize the beauty in discovery. You now know who that person truly is, and in turn you have also reconfirmed your morals. Distance yourself from that person. Don’t hold contempt. Be proud of the person you have become. Continue to grow and continue to surround yourself with people who have the same morals. Love. May peace be upon you.

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