Sometimes just listening is all you need to do. As I was sitting in Istanbul’s Airport during a 8 hour layover – I had already got tired of reading my book, all my music on my Apple Music began to sound redundant – I sat just thinking to myself when a man came up to me. He began by asking if I had a WiFi password, which I told him I was using one from the cafe, and if he bought a coffee the cashier would give the password to him. He continued by telling me that his phone wasn’t working, he only had five dollars. I thought to myself, “I know where this is going..” but he proceeded by telling me that he was from San Fransico and he was traveling from his childhood home in Israel. He had been waiting for his 2oclock boarding but fell asleep and missed his flight back to SanFran. He told me that when he told the airline they told him he would have to wait 24 hours and purchase a new ticket. His original ticket was $900 he now he had to buy a new ticket at $1030. I didn’t feel he was complaining he was just explaining. He had been waiting for six hours already and he had 18 more to go. As he expressed how he thought it was wrong that the airline made him by a more expensive ticket after missing his flight. I agreed by nodding. I didn’t talk much, just simply smiled along with him and acknowledging his circumstance. He began talking about his life in SanFran and how he loves motorcycles and love to fix them up to create custom bikes. He told me he recently got in a terrible bike accident and he has over 20 metal plates under his skin holding him together. The doctor told him it’s a miracle he’s alive. He circled back to his current predicament and he ask out loud why now after this recent trial is he stuck in the airport for 24 in Turkey and down over $1,000. He told me he was Jewish and he feels that everything is a test in life. Althoughy I am not Jewish nor do I denominate towards any religion, that was something that resonated with me. He told me about his start in America. He began in America with $400 and worked random jobs he began a business and after over 25 years he was able to open his own factory selling motorcycle parts. He told me he had a difficult divorce and his wife ended up with a majority of his life’s work. He told me about his son, who is 27 years old and also loves motorcycles. He told me he made decision during the divorce not to draw it out and battle for custody but to let his wife have what she wanted so that his son could grow up with a family life. He told me that him and his son are best friends. I told him that was beautiful. He talked a bit more we shared a few laughs. I never got his name. But I remember him, the moment and his story.

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