Melanin: Part 1


Melanin is ubiquitous in every entity on Planet Earth that has color. Melanin is the root of what gives color to skin, hair, eyes, plants, oil, animals, volcano’s everything imaginable that is creative and colorful. Melanin is the most primitive and universal pigment in living organisms.

When we think of melanin we think of skin tones, and although this is one form of melanin. Melanin does not just exist on the surface of the human body, it exist within the human body. A very important type of melanin that lives within the human body is neuromelanin (which will discuss in detail in a later post) Neuromelanin is a light sensitive, dark black energy conductive pigment found in progressive amounts within the spinal column, brain stem, in critical brain core areas through the nervous system of all humans.

Beyond the brain and the brain stem melanin is represented in ample amounts in our internal organs, especially on the skin surface of our organs. So not only do we have melain on the largest organ of the body, the surface of out skin, but also our heart, kidneys, and gastro intestinal tract. Melanin is able to transduce or shift energy from one state to the another, from vibration to sound, to heat, to light. Melanin is a building block of the subtle energy field of the body referred to in the esoteric traditions as the energy body or the luminous body.

Melanin, because it interacts with the electromagnetic energy spectrum, has a wave nature. Melanin is also a biochemical substrate. In other words, because melanin is both a physical substrate of our physical bodies and because it is intimately woven into the electromagnetic field, it becomes the entryway, the physical template, for our capacity to vibrate with fifth-dimensional forces. Peace!


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