I grew up on lands end. The very farthest point in Massachusetts, in a little town called Provincetown. The history of my hometown begins with Native Americans, as every history in America should begin. Historically, it is the perfect location for fishing. Provincetown is a sandbar formed from fierce North East winds pounding the coast. Today, Provincetown is known for the beautiful scenery, the summertime tourist, and the permission to be yourself.



As a child growing up in Provincetown, my one goal was to leave. At 16 years old I went to boarding school in Western Massachusetts. After high school I went to New York University and graduated in 2011 with a BA in Filmmaking from the Tisch School of the Arts. After college I got an internship with Spike Lee at 40 Acres and a Mule. I spent my time in New York City juggling independent projects while working as as production assistant on films, television series and commercials.


I am building with my family.

Silas Luster

Author. Filmmaker. Activist

Let’s Build A Well Together

In February 2018 I will be traveling to Uganda to help build a well for the community living in the Kahangi Village

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